Tackle your obstructions quickly and effectively!
Live a lighter and brighter life!

Perhaps you have already tried a number of things and are now wondering:

  • How do I find out where my problem comes from and what can I do about it?
  • What’s keeping me back?
  • I know there is more to me, how do I let it out?
  • How can I achieve what I want?

Hypnotherapy and transformational breathing are a great combination in recognizing and dealing with subconscious processes that keep you from living the real you.

A hypnotherapeutic session offers you room to dig up hidden causes of a problem and to deal with that problem. During a session you are completely relaxed and in com­plete control of the process. The therapist is merely a moderator who facilitates you in reaching a different state of awareness where the subconscious is more accessible. It is in this state that you may recognize behavioural patterns and their causes, and more importantly you will be able to change a pattern or soften your emotions.


Transformational breathing achieves beneficial changes purely with breathing. Watching a baby breathe we normally see the whole torso moving. Then we start our lives and we cannot avoid to develop survival mechanisms to keep going. Unfortunately, our breathing pattern has adapted itself alongside. We no longer breathe freely. In a way we have learned to breathe around the pain. We breathe more superficially, sometimes haltingly, bring less oxygen in the body, have less energy and live less. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. In a breathing session we focus on a continuous flow of abdominal respiration. That is the basis. From there we aim to allow breath to flow through the whole torso. And eventually the goal is to let go of old pain. Things we no longer need we can breathe through and let go.

Breathwork is a great addition to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works from the head and breathing works from the body. But they work towards the same goal: to get rid of old no longer needed patterns and live a happier life.

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